The Face Tube

If you look in the back of most modern bibles, there is often a series of maps from biblical times. You may have never noticed them. Quite often there are maps entitled “Paul’s missionary journeys”. In Housegroup this week we were thinking about part of Paul’s journey and it struck me how far and wide one group of people travelled in such times. No planes, trains or automobiles!
The good news of the Kingdom spread like wildfire through very primitive means and I am so grateful that it did. Praise God.
I’m a bit slow on taking up modern, new-fangled ideas such as the face tube internet, but thumbing through my steam powered iPad it strikes me that journeys are being made across regions in the click of an icon.
Maybe this is our new opportunity to spread some amazing news, you too could go on your own missionary journey from the comfort of your home. In the end I think we need to meet people face to face, but I’ll be praying you bloggers, facebookers and tweeters will branch out in some cyber evangelism.


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